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Are you going to add other Car Dealerships like Ford, Honda, Volkswagen, etc.?

We are in the process of collecting more data and will continue to add more and more dealerships on this web site.

We are also working on a way were you can add a dealership if it is not in our system.

This web site is a great idea! How did you think of it?

Like many other people out there, I am on order for a PT Cruiser and have read many horror stories of Car Dealers selling their car out from under them after waiting months to get it. This is very unfair and I wanted to create a place where people could warn others about the Car Dealership.

There are also many good Dealerships out there that deserve credit when they treat somebody fairly and with respect. This web site was not created to bash all car dealers out there. It is place were people can express their opinions about any car dealership. I would think that car dealerships would like this service to find out what people are saying about them.

What if a dealer or person creates a fake report for himself or another dealer?

It is impossible to stop anybody from doing anything. We have though taken steps to avoid this. We log the IP addresses of every report that is entered into the system. It is very rare but we did find one dealership that did create a report for themselves (we were able to trace the ip address to the dealership). If you feel there is a fake report please send an e-mail with the report number to cardealerreports@holdman.com.

We have also made it so the person submitting the report has to verify it via e-mail. Please see the next question for more details on how this works.

How do I submit a report?

To submit a report you must first find the dealership you wish to report. You can do this two ways. The first way is to type in the dealer name in the search box (For example, I would type Doug in the search box if I was trying to find Doug Smith Chrysler). You can also browse the dealerships by state.

Once you see the dealership you wish to report click on the ADD link next the the name of the dealer. You will now be asked a few questions including.

-Is your Report on Buying or Service from this Dealer?
-How would you rate this dealer on a scale from 0-10?
-What is your e-mail address?
-Do you want your e-mail address listed on your report?
-Your Name.
-Your Experience with this Dealership.
-A password to edit or delete the report

Make sure you remember your password. If you do not have your password it is impossible to edit or delete your report. The password you choose is also sent to your e-mail address along with a verification of the report.

It is very important that you put in a valid e-mail address. Each report has to be verified via e-mail by the user before it will be permenent on our web site. After you submit your report you are sent a confirmation to the e-mail address you listed on the report. There is a link in the e-mail you will receive that you will need to click on to verify your report. If you do not verify your report within 48 hours, your report is taken off-line. This is to prevent people from posting bogus reports and putting in a false e-mail address.

I can not find the dealer I want to report!

We are working on a way where you add a dealer into our system if we do no have that dealer listed. You will also be able to enter in independent car dealers (example, Big Johns Crazy Cars).

Can I edit or delete my report?

You may want to edit your report because you forgot something or want to update it. When viewing the report you will see an icon on top of the report that will look like this -> You can click on this button to edit your report. Before it will let you edit the report you must enter in your password for this report. You choose this password when you first filled out this report and you were e-mailed a copy of the password.

If you accidentally submitted two copies of your report, or you wish to delete your report, click on the trash icon that looks like this -> You will now be asked the password for the report and when the correct password is entered, it will be deleted.

How can I read reports?

You can read reports by searching for a dealership or by browsing. When you see a name of the Car Dealership you wish to read reports on, click on the READ link right next to the dealership name. It will also show you how many reports we have for that dealership and they are sorted into 3 categories, Good, Average, and Bad. Another feature is Last Report. This will show you how old the latest report is (For Example, 5 days)

After you click on Read it will then show you the reports for the dealership. It will show 5 reports per page. Click on the NEXT link to see more.

Can I read the latest reports no matter what dealership they are about.

In the menu click on "Last 20 Reports". This will show you the latest 20 reports that have been entered into the system.

I want you to delete all the bad reports about my Car Dealership!

We are sorry but we can not delete reports about a car dealership. This web site is for public use and everybody is allowed to tell everybody how they were treated. We will only delete reports if they contain profanity or are obviously made up. If you feel that there is a report on our system that is fake or needs to be removed please e-mail the report number to cardealerreports@holdman.com.

I have a question that was not answered by this FAQ.

if you need to ask a question or just want to tell us something please feel free to e-mail us at cardealerreports@holdman.com.

-Richard Holdman
Creator of www.CarDealerReports.com