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Maxwell C-P-D-J-E, Ltd., Taylor, TX, 512 365-7200

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Report by:
Michael R. Davis
Report is on:
September, 16 2007
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In the first week after purchasing my truck, this dealer ran a tool chest into the side of my new truck. Then they sold my a "bumper to bumper" extended warranty that wasn't really "bumper to bumper". I found this out when the A/C damper failed and they told me it was not covered. The cost was $1500.00 to remove the dash and fix the problem. They agreed to pay half of the repair cost, but after four trips my A/C is still not working, and now my dashboard is cracking and I do not know if it was because of them taking my dashboard in/out so many times to fix the A/C problem or some other quality problem with this Dodge. They are refusing to do anything else to fix the A/C.