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Wehr Motors, Inc., Mountain Grove, MO, 417 926-3192

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Report by:
Brenda Wittenauer
Report is on:
August, 14 2003
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I was bullied and harrassed into buying a car I did not want, with a 'pricey' warranty I also did not want, they coerced, threatened, and browbeat me into tears to do this. The car wasn't even a Ford. After I had the car for a few days I figured it was a good thing I was forced into the warranty, as the car was a total lemon............. A couple trips to the dealer to try to get the piece of junk fixed to be safe to drive........... most of the things wrong they refused to fix, "they weren't covered under a full warranty!" I complained to Ford Credit about their fraudulent sales practices, their use of force, and their threats........... I said I wouldn't pay any more on it if they didn't/couldn't fix it right............ They repo'd it and now are suing me for twice what the car was supposed to be worth.