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Rallye Motors Inc., Ocala, FL, 352 732-6035

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Report by:
Emile P. Bousquet
Report is on:
January, 12 2009
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On 12/04/08 I brought my 2004 Dodge Ram Quard Cab in for a power stearing leak. I recieved a call that it was in the rack and pinion leaking on the left side. I picked up the truck on 12/05/08 and was charged $841.60 plus taxes other misc charges for that repair. I went on vacation the next day without the truck and did not return till 01/01/09. When I returned I found a puddle of power stearing fluid in my driveway. It was comeing from the same place as befor the repairs. I brought it back to Ralley Dodge and they said that I had a leak in the power stearing return line and wanted 95.00 to repair it. I explained that I had brought the truck in for the same leake on 12/04/08. The manager said that it must have been leaking to so there was nothing he or I could do about it. I had the truck repaired at my mechanic shop it it only cost me $ 36.75 to repair it with a simple hose clamp.
I feel that Ralley Dodge riped me off with unnessary repairs parts and labor. I have bought 2 vehicles from them and always had good service. I have owned over 15 dodge vehicles and have always been happy with them. I want to say that because on this experience I will not do buisnes with that dealer again and if I do not get some kind of responce or reebursement I will no longer by Dodge products and will let everyone I know about my experance.
The dealer was
Ralley Dodge
1749 SW Collage Road
Ocala Florida 34471
Phone # 352 732 6035

Thank you in advance for your service in this matter

Emile P. Bousquet
14690 N.E. 86 Lane
Silver Springs Fl. 34488
Phone # 352 625 4703

Report by:
Jim Roseski
Report is on:
June, 1 2001
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I had a transmission rebuilt a couple of weeks ago. I went into the dealership and everything on my truck worked. I picked the truck up on a Friday night right before they were ready to close. I had someone follow me and was told I didn't have brake lights. I called the dealer on Monday and told them and they said they would look at it. They did and it turned out to be a multifunction switch went bad. I thought this may have been bad so I gave them that one. After another week I ran out of gas with my gas gauge reading 1/8th of a tank of gas. Oh well, maybe I miss read it. But now here we are another week and I run out of gas on 3/8th of a tank. They say they will look at it but they doubt it is anything they did wrong. Sounds to me like there was some bad testing done and now I am going to have major electrical problems as long as I have this vehicle. I would never send any of my enemies much less my friends to this dealership.